Biodegradable Tampons

Biodegradable Tampons


“extra-soft, natural, comfortable and biodegradable tampons for women”


Tampon is made from 100% organic cotton, which is grown without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers. It is biodegradable and free of chlorine bleach, dyes and other synthetic substances.

These are inserted inside of your vagina to absorb the period blood. Tampons help you be free and active without having to worry about a leak.


Additional information


Pee Safe



Nos. of Tamons

16 Nos.


Regular, Super, Super Plus


How To Use

1) Carefully unwind the removal cord. While holding the tampon firmly, tug the cord once to ensure that it's securely attached.
2) Hold the tampon at the end and pull the string.
3) Insert the tampon with your finger into the vagina and push it with the upper rounded at an angle as far back as possible
4) Relax and gently pull the removal cord diagonally downwards so that the tampon slides out.

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