Chili Paste With Fermented Cheese (Zoedoe Ezay) By Tshejor’s Ayzey

Chili Paste With Fermented Cheese (Zoedoe Ezay) By Tshejor’s Ayzey


“Add a hint of hot spice with fermented cheese to your food and experience the flavors explode in your taste buds with Tshejor’s Ayzey.”


It is made from organic ingredients like chili powder, fermented yak cheese which are locally known as zoedoe, onions, tomatoes, garlic/ginger paste, coriander leaves, spring onion, thingey (Sichuan pepper), vegetable oil and salt.

It can be used as an ingredient to add spicy flavor to your curry or can be enjoyed alone with snacks or flat breads and rice. Bhutanese pickles commonly known as a ” ezay” in local language is homemade, using organic ingredients without any added preservatives and less oil. 

Additional information

Weight N/A
Country of Origin


Manufactured By

Tshejor's Ayzey

Manufactured Date

9 June 2023

Shelf Life

Best Before 6 months from the manufactured date


100% natural and no perservatives added


Large, Medium, Small

Packaging Material

Zip lock


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