Cooling Gel Sheets for Children (4 Sheets)

Cooling Gel Sheets for Children (4 Sheets)


“Quick cooling sheets for sudden fever”


It is a quick cooling gel sheets for sudden fever, which contains 2 bags with 2 sheets (4sheets). It can be used for 10 hours as it used special based gel. Not only it helps to cool down the fever but also is ideal for headaches, toothaches and drowsiness during work and study.

Additional information


Neutral scent, Peach Scent


Green, Pink

Usage Instructions

1. Peel off the transparent film and stick it on the area you want to cool. If you use it after cooling it in refrigerator, a higher cooling effect can be obtained (Be careful not to let it freeze).
2.Replace it when the cooling effect is no longer felt.
3.Use scissors to cut the product to the appropriate size according to the area to be used.

Precautions for use and storage

1. Dot does not use on areas with abnormal skin or around the eyes.
2.Infants and those with sensitive skin may experience swelling, rashes, itching, etc.
3.If any abnormally appear on the skin, stop using it immediately and consult dermatologist.
4. When using on infants, please be careful under parental supervision.

Net Contains

2 sheets × 2 bags (4 sheets)


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