Full Kira For Winter

Full Kira For Winter


“One of the most unique features of the traditional dress.”


A full Kira (long wrapped dress),  are worn by women, it is made up of wool. A full Kira (long wrapped dress), Wonju, and Tego in a combined set so that all three compliment each other. The full kira is a large piece of fabric wrapped and folded around the entire length of the body, pinned at both shoulders – usually with silver brooches, and bound at the waist with a long belt. The full kira is worn with a Wongu (a long-sleeved blouse) underneath, and a Tego (jacket) outside.

For formal occasions, women wear national dress a full Kira in schools, government offices and for formal occasions. The whole ensemble is beautiful and Bhutanese women look very elegant in their finery.

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Beige and brown, Black and White, Black with gray




Full Kira


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