Herben Flushing Toilet Cleaner or Freshener (Lavender Scented)

Herben Flushing Toilet Cleaner or Freshener (Lavender Scented)


“Keep your toilet fresh and at the same time prevent water residue and stains with this freshener”

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It is a lavender scented flushing toilet cleaner or freshener which helps to keep dirt from forming on toilet bowls and prevents water residue and stains. Not only its removes unpleasant odors and leaves your toilet bowl smelling Lavendar fresh, but also keeps toilet bowls clean with its disinfecting fresh.

It can be used for approximately one month for a family of three to four (Duration varies depending on water temperature, water volume, usage rates, etc.).

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Weight 0.2 kg
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Usage Instructions

1.Open the package containing the agent and place in the container provided.
2.Place the lid on the top of the container and secure it firmly in place.
3.Place the container on the drain of the hand washing basin.

Net Content

2 pcs (Solid type), storage case included


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