Deodorant Beads Refill- Aroma Beads

Deodorant Beads Refill- Aroma Beads


“Neutralizing gel beads for refreshing air for your house and office”


Air refreshing deodorant beads type, which is in a pouch and for refilling the deodorant container. Keeping your house, room and office with great smell as it neutralize the unpleasant odors by gel beads and refreshing the air for long time. It has a high water absorbing resin and are an attractive way to freshen up your home or office. They release a fresh scent slowly over time and beads decrease in size with the time, as they absorbs all the bad odor like tobacco, smoke, garbage cans, pet odors, fish, shoes and food odors inside and diffuse the pleasant scent around the surrounding.

Additional information

Country of Origin




Plant-extracted deodorant, highly water absorbent resin and essence.


Gel beads


Lavender, Clear herb, Fresh lemon, Jewel Rose


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