Mudra-Sandalwood And Juniper Natural Hand And Body Balm

Mudra-Sandalwood And Juniper Natural Hand And Body Balm


“Keep your hand and body moisturized, and healthy with natural handmade herbal balm of sandalwood and juniper.”

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Mudra (Sanskrit term of seal or sign) handmade products from Bhutan (Land of thunder dragon), which is inspired by the wisdom of traditional Bhutanese remedies and are made with wild herbs and other natural substances found in the Himalayan region. All Mudra products are free of chemical and preservatives. It is a natural herbal balm made of sandalwood and juniper for dry hand and body, keeping your skin moisturized.

Juniper enhances blood circulation and relaxes the muscles after physical activities by giving deep warming effect that relieves muscle and joint pain, including pain from chronic disease. Where sandalwood have a proprieties of locking the moisture in your skin and induces minor contractions in the tissue of the skin, which soothes and tightens it, thus reducing the appearance of pores.

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Mudra Handmade Products


Beeswax, shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, essential oils of sandalwood and juniper.


Aluminium container

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5cm Round



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