Natural Ruby

Natural Ruby


“Protect yourself from the evils in this world”

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This is made up of ruby, that is personally collected from different parts of Bhutan and it is crafted into these beautiful jewellery by the young artisans of Bhutan. This can be used in making of the ring tops, earrings, studs and brooches.

Ruby (king of gems) is a naturally occurring gemstone with striking appearance and strong metaphysical properties.  Ruby is one of the most popular gemstones and is used extensively in jewellery.  It transforms its positive energies into human beings to give them fame, wealth, health, prosperity and luck. it also helps the wearer to attain victory over rivals and opponents in personal life.

Ruby is said to handles low feelings, bad mood, helplessness and anger.  A person wearing this stone will experience a boost of self-confidence and passion toward life. It encourages delight, carrier building, and increase leadership skill of wearer.

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