(ཙམ་པ་ཀ་མེ་ཏོག།)- Oroxylum Indium

(ཙམ་པ་ཀ་མེ་ཏོག།)- Oroxylum Indium


“A Oroxylum Indium(Tsampaka) for purifying or cleansing purpose in all rituals”

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Oroxylum indium are locally known as Tsampaka meto also they are known as midnight horror tree, because the trumpet flower blooms in midnight and no flower bloom is seen in the morning. The seed, bark and root of this tree is used in designing lot of  herbal medicines.

The flower are used in many rituals for purifying or cleansing purpose in Buddhist and Hindu temple. It is also used in ritual like Drolma Yuldok, Jabzhi, Jinsek Zey, Lhabsang, Salang, Sher Nying Dud Dok, etc.

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