Refill Liquid Bath Detergent Foam Type (500ml)

Refill Liquid Bath Detergent Foam Type (500ml)


“Keep your bathtub clean and shiny to enjoy your next bath.”

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It is in pouch where you can refill it in your bath cleaner container. You can make in the foam of spray by adding water with liquid bath cleaner in a spray bottle or close the drainage system and open the tap to fill the tub with water. Put 1 cup of bubble bath recipe directly under the tap water and rub the tub with soft towels or rags, or with microfiber cloth. If there are difficult stains, you are safe to use a nylon brush with soft bristles. Hot water is prefect to use to remove stain easily.

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Surface- active agent(5% alkyl amine oxide), foam adjust agent, Chelating agent


To removing stains and germs, making bathtub clean and shiny.


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