Tree Sap Foot Care Pad (2 Sheets)

Tree Sap Foot Care Pad (2 Sheets)


“Cool foot pad for your foot and body cleansing”

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It is a feet care pad with 2 sheets which is made from polyester and acrylic adhesive and ingredients such as wood and cool extract power, which effectively reduces the toxins from the body. Improves blood circulation and metabolism, relieves fatigue, refresh and relax your feet. Overall, it improves the immune system of the body.


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10.7cm x 0.5cm x 18cm


2pcs(For One Time)


1. Stimulates blood circulation.
2. Removes toxins from the body.
3. Normalizes metabolism.
4. Promotes healing of diseased organs.
5. Helps to fall asleep quickly and improves the quality of sleep.
relieves fatigue in the legs;
improves the functioning of the lymphatic system;
strengthens the immune system.

Usage Instructions

Put the printed side on the center of the adhesive sheet.
Put the sheet on the clean bottom of the feet before bedtime.
From a function and hygiene point of view, one sheet can be used only one time. When the sheet gets hard or discolors and becomes clammy, change it to the new one. After using, peel off the sheets and wash your sole well or clean off the dirt off with wet towel. This product can be also used for shoulder, waist and elbow or knee.


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